Persecution? What Persecution?

Preparing for a sermon on Matthew 5:9-12 and came across the following quote by A.W. Pink, a pastor and theologian from the last century. It’s helpful to remember that despite the fact that we’re called to be peacemakers, more often the Bible tells us we’ll face adversity and persecution.  What does the lack of persecution in the church today tell us about the state of the church today? Could it be that we’re capitulating to the world’s system? How do we develop a worldview wherein we reach said world’s system, and yet do not become conformed to it?  Come listen to our discussion on Sunday. Until then, enjoy the quote.

“It is a strong proof of human depravity that men’s curses and Christ’s blessings should meet on the same persons. Who would have thought that a man could be persecuted and reviled, and have all manner of evil said of him for righteousness’ sake? And do wicked men really hate justice and love those who defraud and wrong their neighbours? No; they do not dislike righteousness as it respects themselves: it is only that species of it which respects God and religion that excites their hatred. If Christians were content with doing justly and loving mercy, and would cease walking humbly with God, they might go through the world, not only in peace, but with applause; but he that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution (2 Tim. 3:12). Such a life reproves the ungodliness of men and provokes their resentment” (Andrew Fuller). It is the enmity of the Serpent—active ever since the days of Abel (1 John 3:12)—against the holy seed.     A.W. Pink

Pastor Jason