Spirit Quickening

Hey guys.  I came across this quote today by A.W. Pink, one of the great preachers and theologians of the 20th century. For those of you who were not able to make last week, we talked about the importance of being “poor in spirit.”  Surely this quote is a great example of why we need to recognize our spiritual poverty.

“The quickening of the spiritually dead into newness of life is therefore an act of amazing grace: it is an unsought and unmerited favour. The sinner, who is the chosen subject of this Divine operation and object of this inestimable blessing, is infinitely ill-deserving in himself, being thoroughly disposed to go on in wickedness till this change is wrought in him. He is rebellious, and will not hearken to the Divine command; he is obstinate and refuses to repent and embrace the Gospel. However terrified he may be with the fears of threatened doom, however earnest may be his desire to escape misery and be happy forever, no matter how many prayers he may make and things he may do, he has not the least inclination to repent and submit to God. His heart is defiant, full of enmity against God, and daily does he add iniquity unto iniquity. For the Spirit to give a new heart unto such as one is indeed an act of amazing and sovereign grace.

A.W. Pink “The Spirit Quickening”


Pastor Jason