What Is The Biggest Problem In The Church Today?

The following is a brief paragraph by Kevin DeYoung, a gifted pastor and theologian. I thought it was particularly poignant in light of our upcoming message on Sunday, where we’ll discuss the role of Elders in refuting bad/errant theology. 
“What is the biggest problem in the church: people can’t stand us or we can’t stand the gospel? What is the goal of theology: to paint an attractive picture of Jesus or to say what God has already said? What is our biggest failure: we’ve turned people off or we’ve compromised our beliefs? Does the future of evangelicalism lie with progressives who can adapt and change or with conservatives who remain faithful to the old paths? Are Christians today basically too mean or too cowardly? Is our God too big and scary or too small and puny? Of course, some will not like the way I’ve framed the options, but these are some of the issues going on under the surface.”
To read the entire article go visit the Gospel Coalition.  I’d love to hear your insights.  See you all on Sunday. 
Pastor Jason